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Gingerbread Man Crafts for Preschool & Kindergarten

Gingerbread Man Crafts for Preschool and Kindergarten

Gingerbread Week always turns into Gingerbread Month for me. There are just so many ways to incorporate the gingerbread man into your learning. Here are some of my favorite gingerbread man crafts for preschool and kindergarten students.

Gingerbread Man Craft: Stained Glass

gingerbread-man-crafts-for-preschool This gingerbread man craft is perfect for preschool and kindergarten students. I really love watching them work on creating their stained-glass gingerbread men, and the final product looks beautiful displayed on the windows. To make these follow the steps below.
  1. Cut out a gingerbread body on brown construction paper
  2. Fold the body in half and cut out the inside of the body
  3. Place the remaining body on clear contact paper and trim the edges. Leaving the middle of the body sticky
  4. Provide students with pieces of tissue paper in varying colors and sizes
  5. Instruct them to fill all of the space with tissue paper. It is okay if the pieces overlap
  6. Turn them around and enjoy!
gingerbread-man-crafts-for-preschool gingerbread-man-crafts-for-preschool Here is a video that shows you exactly how to make this gingerbread man craft. If you want to incorporate some fine motor work, you can give children full sheets of tissue paper. Instruct them to rip the paper into smaller pieces. This encourages them to use their hand muscles and improves fine motor skills.

Create Your Own Gingerbread Man Activity

Another favorite gingerbread man craft is one that really highlights children’s creativity. This gingerbread activity makes an amazing bulletin board display when it’s done. Let me show you how to do it. gingerbread-man-crafts-for-preschool I send this gingerbread craft home as a family project, however, this can easily be done as an in-class activity as well.
  1. Photocopy a gingerbread body onto brown construction paper
  2. Prepare directions for the families. I have pre-made family directions in my Gingerbread Man Cross-Curricular Unit. The directions should state that they are to create their own gingerbread boy or girl. They can use any materials/supplies they would like.
  3. Consider creating examples to show as a form of reference
gingerbread-man-bulletin-board When you collect the finished products, consider making a bulletin board out of them. I title my board “Mrs. V’s Smart Cookies” and put a large gingerbread house in the middle. Around the remaining board, I display all of my student’s gingerbread boys and girls. gingerbread-man-bulletin-board   These activities are the arts and crafts portion of my Gingerbread Man Unit which you can see in full here: If you end up doing these gingerbread man crafts with your preschool or kindergarten class, I would love to see pictures! Share them on social media and tag me @mrsvschickadees!

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