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Hey guys, I’m Michelle!

Thanks so much for visiting my page and taking the time to learn a little bit about me!

 I’m a Long Island girl through and through. I’ve lived here my whole life, minus a short stint in Queens when I first got engaged. I went to elementary school, high school, undergrad and grad school all on Long Island. I graduated from Adelphi University with my Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature and Master’s Degree in Childhood Education.

I started my teaching career in general education. I begin in 4th grade before transitioning to kindergarten….and boy oh boy was that a transition! But I quickly realized that I absolutely ADORED the little ones and lower elementary was the place for me! I spent the next 6 years in kindergarten and first grade general education. Then an opportunity came my way, thanks to a fabulous prior principal, but it required me to make the leap to special education.  By this point I was pregnant and my Mama Bear hormones were kicking in big time, and I thought ……there is nothing I would rather do than provide love, support and encouragement to learning disabled and struggling students. So I left general education behind and began providing student support services to students in grades k-2. That’s one of my favorite things about teaching. There is always room to grow and change, and there are always opportunities to switch things up.

Outside of teaching, my number one job is being a mom to my two beautiful babies, Nico and Brielle. Nico is sweet, sensitive, and loves anything art and music related. Brielle is a perfect mix of old soul and sass. I was incredibly lucky, and after the birth of Brielle spent a year home with them. I took that time to homeschool Nico and work on his preschool skills with him. It is a year I will forever be grateful for.

Now here is where my story gets interesting. In the next year I am going to do something wild…something I never thought I would do. I am opening up a children’s entertainment center in my hometown. It is called Planet Play, and we will focus on providing an indoor play space for children of all abilities.  The best part, I’m not actually leaving teaching behind. I am the creator and executor of Planet Play’s preschool and toddler classes. I can’t wait to take all I have learned in the traditional classroom, and implement it in these classes.