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Alphabet Activities: Letter Books

Alphabet Activities

There are so many wonderful alphabet activities that can help children. As a part of our alphabet study, children work on identifying objects that start with that week’s letter sound. Once they’ve brainstormed their own list, they work on their Letter of the Week Take Home Book.


Alphabet Activities for Preschoolers

First, let me share some of the alphabet activities we do prior to our alphabet books.

We do a lot of great hands-on work. We use cubes to build our letters on our Snap Cube Mats.


We build items that start with our letter of the week out of play-doh. Here’s an example from our Letter A unit.


We also work on a variety of no-prep worksheets.


And to finish off our alphabet study, we create student books that each child can take home and practice with.

Alphabet Learning Activities for Preschoolers

Our alphabet books can be used in so many ways. Not only do they focus on the given letter sound, but they give children an opportunity to practice reading, sight words, and tracking (one-to-one correspondence).



When I introduce this alphabet activity, children are given each page. They trace the letter on the front cover and then color it in. Following that, children take a picture walk and name each object, focusing on the letter sound they hear at the start of each word.

Afterward, we read the text, focusing on tracking our words, identifying sight words, and hearing the letter sound. Children can color and cut each page so that we can staple it and form a true alphabet book.


Here’s a sneak peek of some of the other components of our

Alphabet Curriculum

All of these alphabet activity printables for preschoolers shown in this post are from the Alphabet Curriculum: Letter of the Week. You can see more about this curriculum here!


Looking for more alphabet activities for preschoolers (printables and hands-on)?

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