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Kindergarten Thanksgiving Art Project Bulletin Board

Kindergarten Thanksgiving Art Project

My kindergarten Thanksgiving art project makes for my most popular bulletin board. And here’s a little secret…it’s my easiest board to do!
Take a look at this how-to guide on creating this kindergarten Thanksgiving art project and some bonus materials!
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My “We Are Thankful” kindergarten Thanksgiving art project focuses on sharing all of the things that we are thankful for in our lives. Children get an opportunity to display all of these items on a turkey feather. They can use photos, pictures, stickers and more!
This Thanksgiving bulletin board can be modified to be done in class, however, I’ve always sent it home as a “November Family Project.” You can choose which works best for your group of students.

1. Prepare your kindergarten Thanksgiving art project materials

The first thing to do is cut out the turkey feathers. Each child is going to get one and this is where they will display everything they are thankful for. Use large construction paper, rather than 8X10. This will help fill up your space on your bulletin board. Simply draw a large turkey feather (anyone can do this, trust me) and start cutting. I like to stick with red, orange and yellow for my colors.

2. Print the directions for your kindergarten thanksgiving art project

You can’t just send home a piece of paper shaped like a feather, so you will need to print a direction sheet. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! Grab yours for FREE here:
I place the turkey feather in a gallon-sized ziplock bag with the directions. It will be too large to fit in it completely, but it does keep a nice portion of it protected.
Don’t forget to set a due date and write it on the paper before making copies!

3. Prepare Your Thanksgiving Bulletin Board Turkey Body

Make the body of the turkey using bulletin board paper. Cut a large circle out of brown paper. Make a yellow and red triangle (for the beak and wattle) using construction paper, and two white circles for the eyes! Glue on and voila, you have a turkey body! I laminated my turkey so that I can use him year after year on my November bulletin board.

4. Construct your Thanksgiving Bulletin Board

Once students have submitted their feathers, put your turkey body in the center of your bulletin board, and begin adding their feathers. I like to keep extra feathers and craft supplies available for any students who did not do the family project. I never want a student to feel bad or left out, so I give them an opportunity to create one in the classroom, ensuring each student has a feather on our board.
And that is it! I title my board “We Are Thankful For” and attach the following description sheet”
This was included in the download if you signed up above, but if you missed that, you can grab it for free here.
This Thanksgiving bulletin board is so simple, yet so special and eye-catching. You will for sure wow anybody who passes by.
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