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Letters FREE Alphabet Printable

Free Alphabet Printable Letters

If you’re looking for a fun alphabet activity that will help your students master the alphabet and letter sounds, then I’ve got you covered! These free alphabet printable letter books are an amazing learning tool for your preschoolers!


Alphabet Activities for Prek

While teaching the alphabet, there are a lot of different skills to cover. We need to master letter recognition, letter formation, and letter sounds. The best way to help your preschool students with this is to give them plenty of opportunities to practice, along with a mix of printables and hands-on learning.

At the end of each letter study, we create our alphabet books!

Alphabet books come in the shape of each letter. The cover shows an image that starts with that letter for reference. Following the cover are blank pages. You can print as many or as little as you’d like.

Children illustrate each page of their alphabet book with an image starting with that letter sound.

Free Alphabet Printable Letters in Action

Let’s take a look at my preschooler working on his letter B and C books.


After they illustrate and color their book, they can label their pictures. If they are not ready to sound out words, you can always write it for them. I like to write it in a highlighter, which allows them to trace it and practice letter formation and proper pencil grip.


I love this activity because the finished product is one that they can save and look at over and over again.

Children get to be creative while also practicing a key phonics skill.



At the end of our alphabet curriculum, we will have a full set of student-made books for letters A through Z!

These alphabet printable letter books are a part of our Alphabet Curriculum, but you can snag them for FREE here!


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