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Alphabet Activities for the Year!

Alphabet Activities for the Year!

Alphabet activities can be fun and engaging! These 25 alphabet activities for preschoolers teach all different parts of the alphabet including letter formation, letter recognition, and letter sounds! What I love most about these 25 alphabet activities, is that they help to make the learning process meaningful.


Alphabet Activities for Preschool

Swat the Fly Alphabet Activity

Pick a card and swat the matching letter. Differentiate by having children match uppercase to uppercase, uppercase to lowercase, or letter sound to letter.

Letter Formation Alphabet Boards

Practice letter formation with these hands-on alphabet boards. Trace the uppercase and lowercase letter, write it independently, and then build it with play-doh.

Mix Them Up Small Group Alphabet Game

Children pick a card from the deck and produce either the name of the letter or the letter sound (differentiate based on the group). If they get it correct they can keep the card, if not it goes to the bottom of the deck. When you pull a “Mix Them Up!” card, everyone pretends to mix a bowl and all cards go back to start.

Build the House Letter Sound Center

Play construction worker for the day and build letter-sound houses! The base of each house has an uppercase and lowercase letter, children will find the door and roof that has images with that letter sound.

Lock & Key Letter Recognition

Place the keys with the correct lock by matching up the letters of the alphabet.

Mama Mia Pizzeria

Build a slice of pizza by finding the crust, sauce and cheese with the same letters on them.

Sunny Letter Sound Puzzles

Complete the puzzle by matching the image to the beginning sound of the alphabet.

Splat that Letter

A fun way to practice letter recognition. Look at the letter n the top of the page and find all of the matching letters. Take your play-doh and “splat” it onto the matching letters.

Pencil Puzzles

Build pencils by matching the uppercase letter to the lowercase letter.

Bubblegum Consonant Vowel Sort

Sort the alphabet bubble gum pieces by consonants and vowels.

Alphabet Clip Cards

Use a clothes pin to clip the letter that represents the beginning sound of the image on the card.

Sandbox Alphabet Activity

Practice letter formation with this fun and tactile alphabet activity. Children pick a card and then form that letter in the sand with their fingers

. It even includes a spinner so they can determine how many times they should write the letter.


Beginning Sound Boards

Find the missing beginning sound and circle it. For added fun, build the letter with play dough.

Popsicle Alphabet Mats

Practice letter formation by building uppercase and lowercase letters with popsicle sticks

Play Dough Letter Sound Cards

Build objects that begin with specific letter sounds out of play dough.

Cube Alphabet Mats

Build letters of the alphabet using snap cubes.

Alphabet Books

Student-made books for each letter of the alphabet! Children illustrate each page of their book with items beginning with that sound. You can add as many blank pages as you’d like.


Alphabet Dough Mats

Build uppercase and lowercase letters with play dough.

Guided Readers

The perfect guided reader for small groups, based on sounds of the alphabet.

Dab-A-Dot Alphabet Mats

Work with the uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet with these dab-a-dot mats. They can use bingo daubers, dot stickers, pom-poms and more!

Digital Lowercase Alphabet Activity

Click and drag the matching lowercase letters

Digital Uppercase Alphabet Activity

Click and drag the matching uppercase letters

Digital Letter Sounds Activity

Select the UFO with the correct letter sound




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