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Kindergarten Phonics Pacing Guide (( FREEBIE ))

Kindergarten Phonics Pacing Guide


Why do you need a kindergarten phonics pacing guide? Well, I used to brush people off when they talked about backwards planning. But that was due to my own inexperience with understanding exactly how to get my kids where I needed them to be. I needed them to be reading and writing, and I thought that with hard work, we would get there.

With time, I learned that hard work wasn’t enough. It was really important for me to internalize each phonetic skill that we had to learn, and figure out the proper order to teach them. Once I was able to create a pacing guide, and learn how to tackle each component of it, everything started to click.

My lesson plans were easier to create. My guided reading groups were easier to support. I understood what to do with my struggling learners. I saw where to push my advanced learners. It all started to REALLY MAKE SENSE.

So I put together a pacing guide and I’d love to share it.


Included in the Kindergarten Phonics Pacing Guide

This download includes a few things. Let me break it down for you.

1. Weekly Phonics Skills

I break down the phonics skills you should be teaching by each week of the school year. I’ve placed emphasis on the skills that are harder to master and/or extremely important to improving reading and writing skills. These phonics skills may cover more than one week.

2. Examples of Phonics Centers


While I was working on mapping out the phonics skills we would need to master, I was simultaneously working on hands-on activities to go with these skills. I wanted to be able to have easy access to phonics centers as we approached each new skill. I’ve included the names and a thumbnail picture of these centers for your reference.

You can see more about these centers here.

3. Tips and Tricks for Implementing Phonics Centers


I’ve also thrown in some tips and tricks of things that have helped me along the way. Because let’s face it, figuring out WHAT to teach is only half the battle.

I hope that you find this helpful.

Don’t forget to download your FREE guide today.

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