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FREE Christmas Rhyming Activity

Christmas Rhyming Activity

christmas-rhyming Include this Christmas rhyming activity into your classroom for FREE this holiday season! It’s a great way to get students engaged and practicing their rhyming words. Get it here:
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How do you play? Provide children with the Santa Claus cards. I like to place them in a pocket chart, leaving room for the matching Mrs. Claus card. Each card has a word on it with a picture clue for our struggling readers. Children must find the Mrs. Claus card that rhymes with the Santa card. They place the two Christmas rhyming cards next to each other and say the words out loud to check their work.

christmas-rhyming free-christmas-rhyming My students love this Christmas rhyming activity. We use it for the entire month of December. christmas-rhyming   This activity is part of a larger resource that you can see here: Christmas Reading, Phonics & Math Unit. If you’d like to purchase the full unit you can do so here.      

Christmas Reading, Phonics and Math

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Bring Christmas to the classroom while incorporating reading, phonics, and math! Fiction & non-fiction student books, hands-on math and phonics centers, no prep worksheets and more!


Bring Christmas to the classroom while incorporating reading, phonics, and math! Fiction & non-fiction student books, hands-on math and phonics centers, no prep worksheets and more!
This unit includes:
*Non-fiction book about Christmas for students to color and create. Vocabulary words on each page are in a traceable font
*Fiction book about Santa for students to color and create.
*Hands-on rhyming center: students must match up Santa and Mrs Claus by finding the rhyming word/picture
*Hands-on math center: Students must out the presents in the correct sled by finding the numbers greater than or less than 20
*Identifying Christmas symbols
*Writing and illustrating family traditions
*Sequencing events using pictures and the words “first, next, then, finally”
*Bubble map to brainstorm gift ideas that don’t cost money
*Gift vouchers for students to create for family members
*Letters to Santa writing paper
*Math no-prep sheets that cover the following skills:
*2D shapes
*Ten frames
*Addition word problems
*Subtraction word problems
*Phonics no-prep sheets that cover the following skills:
*Rhyming words
*CVC word read and draw
*CVC word and picture match
*Beginning Sounds

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