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How to Make a Snow Volcano!

How to Make a Snow Volcano!

This snow volcano science experiment will get kids super excited and engaged! It’s simple to set up, and you probably already have all of the ingredients at home!


As a part of our snow unit, we made fake snow that was actually cold! You can read more about that here, but for now, I want to share what we did with the fake snow when we were done with it.

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Snow Volcano Set-Up

First, you need to make your fake snow. This will allow kids to shape and form things, such as a volcano.
Mix baking soda and shaving cream to do this. If you want the mixture to be cold, leave the baking soda in the freezer overnight. We didn’t measure when making our snow. We just started with the baking soda and just kept adding shaving cream until we had the consistency we wanted.
Now you want to set up your vinegar cups. We used three cups of vinegar and added food dye to each cup.
Grab an eye dropper or syringe and that’s it! You are ready to have some fun!

Snow Volcano Experiment

We didn’t have any liquid droppers on us so we used an old syringe from an infant Tylenol bottle. Since my boy has never used one before, I started by showing him how to pull up the liquid and then dispense it. I told him that baking soda (from the sensory bin) and vinegar have a special reaction when they touch. Let me tell you, he was shocked when he saw what happened!
The baking soda bubbles and rises up, plus the food dye makes for a wonderful colorful display! Nico had a blast squirting the vinegar in all different spots of his sensory bin!
He was determined to cover every white spot he could find with some colored vinegar.

When he finished covering all of the white spots with the food colored vinegar, he asked if he could play with it. He dug right in and got messy with this bin. Then he started bringing in some of his favorite toys to play with. I love how creative kids can be when given no instruction.
This is a great winter activity that takes very little set-up. It’s sure to engage children of all ages!
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