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8 Amazing Snow Activities for Preschoolers!

Snow Activities For Preschoolers

This snow-themed preschool learning pack is a collection of fun and engaging math and phonics activities for preschoolers.


Teaching phonics and math through thematic hands-on activities is an excellent way to help preschoolers retain important information. Here’s a look at some of my favorite snow-themed learning activities for the winter months! They belong to my Snow Theme Pack, which you can purchase here!

Phonics Snow Activities

Beginning Sounds Phonics Mats

Practice identifying beginning sounds and forming the letters with these snow-themed cards. These cards are created to be used with play-dough. This adds an extra element of fun to the letter activity!


Salt Tray Alphabet Cards

Practice letter formation with this hands-on snow activity! Pour salt or sand in a tray or pencil case and have children pick a snowflake card. Using their finger they can practice forming the letter. There are uppercase and lowercase cards and recording sheets for both.



Match the Mitten Rhyming Activity

This rhyming game is great to use in a pocket chart or on the floor. Lay out one of the mittens and stack the others in a pile. Children pick a card from the pile and find the matching mitten by pairing up the rhyming pictures.


Snow-Themed Math Activities

Two Dimensional Shape Snow Activity

Practice identifying and forming 2D shapes with this fun activity. Using play-doh, children will use each card to help them form the shapes shown.



Count It Out Math Game

This snow-themed math game focuses on more than one preschool math skill. First, children pick a number card and must be able to read the card. Then, using manipulatives, children will count out that number and place the manipulatives on their mitten board.


Snowflake Addition

Preschoolers can practice addition to 10 with pictures by using these snowflake cards. Teach children to use manipulatives and pictures to help solve basic addition problems.


Snowball Number Identification

Have fun with number identification by pulling a number card and then finding all of the snowballs that match on your paper. I like using dabbers for this because bringing in a new supply to use always engages children instantly.


Snowman Ten Frames

Becoming familiar with ten frames is an important math skill for our preschoolers. This snow-themed ten frame game is a pre-k favorite!


You can grab this full resource by clicking here!


This resource also includes directions for some super fun snow projects and crafts. Here’s a peek at one of them but you can see more by checking out these blog posts below:



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