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Snowman Craft with Fluffy Paint

Snowman Craft with Fluffy Paint

Making fluffy paint is so much fun and the perfect craft for any snowman unit! You can create beautiful paintings to go along with your winter activities. And all you need is two ingredients!


How to Make Fluffy Paint

Fluffy paint requires liquid glue and shaving cream…that’s it!



For the record, I didn’t formally measure anything, I just let my kids put what looked like equal parts into a bowl.

Mix these two ingredients together using a whisk.


If you have glitter, now is a good time to add some. This is not necessary but it does add a nice touch to it!

Now you are ready to go! You can paint anything with this fluffy paint. We decided we were going to make snowmen so I printed some blank snowmen bodies onto blue cardstock paper. The paint has some weight to it so I do suggest that you use heavier paper like cardstock.


For reference, my son is 4 years old, so it was easier for him to try to paint inside the body.


Whereas my daughter is not even 2 so she was simply painting her entire paper.  I did not give any other instructions other than “paint the snowman.” I believe in letting kids be when it comes to art.


Once they finished painting their snowman craft we let it dry overnight. Once it was dry it was nice and fluffy and puffy and cute!


Now it’s time for us to add the parts to our snowman craft. Using construction paper and mini pom poms, we built a hat, arms, eyes, nose, and buttons! We used a black marker to draw on a smile.



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