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The Best Winter Picture Books

The Best Winter Picture Books

Now is the perfect time to pull out all of your best winter picture books. I love engaging children with great read-alouds and using them to springboard discussions and activities. Below is a list of the best winter picture books, broken up by topic. I also share some great activities that go great with these stories. So if you’re looking for some fun themes to use this winter, look no further!
If you don’t care about it being broken into subjects and just want the complete list, click here.

The Best Winter Picture Books About Snow

Snow, in general, is an exciting concept for children. I love finding ways to create thematic phonics and math activities based on the idea of snow!
Here are some of the best picture books about snow.

Non-Fiction Books About Snow For Kids

Let’s face it, snow is magical, even as an adult. But it’s still important to understand the science behind snow. These are some of my favorite non-fiction books about snow.

Some science activities that I love to do after reading these non-fiction books include making fake snow, and exploring snow volcanos!



Fiction Books About Snow for Kids

The best picture books about snow lend to fun discussions and great activities. Here are a few of my favorites!

Here are some ideas to help you implement snow-themed activities after reading these books.
Salted Snowflakes
All you need is some glue, salt, and watercolor paint for this fun snowflake craft.
Mitten Math
We use this hands-on math center to practice numbers and counting.
Salt Tray Letters
An engaging way to work on letter formation is with “salt trays.” Using their fingers children practice tracing the snowflake letter card they pick. We use the recording sheet to keep track of which letters we’ve worked on and which we still need to practice.

The Best Picture Books About Snowmen

Do I even need to talk about why kids love snowmen? I mean, even I love snowmen! They’re just too stinking cute! Below is a list of the best picture books about snowmen.

Fluffy Snow Paint

One of my favorite snowman crafts is made by creating our very own fluffy paint! You can get the directions here.
Snowman Ten Frames
I found these adorable snowman mini-erasers at Target and just knew that I had to incorporate them into our learning! So I threw them into a sensory bin that was filled with rice and snowman number cards. My kids pick number cards from the bin and then also grab the correct amount of erasers. They then use their ten-frame card to create the number.
Snowman Shapes
We practice forming two-dimensional shapes with these snowman shape cards. I have them laminated so that children can use play-dough and it won’t stick or ruin the paper. These are a great winter center.

The Best Picture Books About Arctic Animals

Lastly, I want to share some of the best picture books about arctic animals. Here you go:

I hope you enjoyed this list! I’ve compiled all of these winter picture books and more into one place for you. Now you can easily shop for these books simply by clicking here.


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