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12 Valentine’s Day Activities Your Class Will Love

Valentine’s Day Activities

See 12 of my favorite hands-on Valentine’s Day themed activities, centers, and printables. These Valentine’s Day activities will definitely engage students while also helping them to work on phonics, math and writing skills!


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Valentine’s Day Phonics Activities

1. Sweet Treats Word Family Center: What kid doesn’t love a cookie jar? This Valentine’s Day phonics activity is great for identifying and sorting word families.

*8 Word Families Included*
-Students must look at the pictures on the cookies and sort them into the correct cookie jar based on the word family. Word families include -at, -en, -in, -og, -ug, -ap, -et, and -ar
-The recording sheet has each word family and space for students to illustrate one photo that belongs with that word family


2. Heart Charts CVC Words: CVC words are one of the most important skills your new readers will learn. Heart Charts makes the perfect Valentine’s Day phonics center and activity.

*24 Cards Included*
-Vowel soundboards have a picture of a CVC word along with the first and last letters. They are given 3 choices for the missing vowel. Using a clothespin, students clip the pin on the correct vowel sound for each word. If the cards are laminated, they can also write in the missing letter.
-The recording sheet asks students to record the CVC words they built for each vowel


                       If you are interested in learning more about the importance of cvc words, then you will like these posts:                         The Ultimate Guide to CVC Words, Teaching CVC Words in 7 Simple Steps, The Best List of FREE CVC Words

3. Pencil Puzzles Initial Blends:


*34 Puzzles Included*
-Students must build pencil puzzles by matching the correct initial blend to the end of each word. Pictures are provided to help support this task. The blends included are: br, bl, cr, cl, dr, fl, fr, gr, gl, pl, pr, sc, sl, sn, sm, sp, sw, st, and tr.
-The recording sheet has students color in the correct blend for certain pictures from the activity. This is to check that they have a clear understanding of initial blends

Valentine’s Day Math Activities

4. Match My Heart Subitizing with Base Ten Blocks

*19 Cards Included*
-Students must match base ten blocks with the correct numbers. The hearts include numbers 1-10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80,90,and 100
-The recording sheet has students count base ten blocks and write the correct number, showing they have a clear understanding of base ten blocks.

5. Cupcake Count Greater Than and Less Than


*24 Cupcakes Included*
-Students count the number of sprinkles on the cupcakes and then sort them accordingly by “Greater Than 10” or “Less Than 10.”
-The recording sheet has students track the numbers they have sorted

6. Sweetheart Subtraction

*20 Boards Included*
-Students use ten frames to help them solve subtraction problems. If laminated, students can cross off hearts on the board to help them with each problem
-The recording sheet has students track their answers to each subtraction problem

Valentine’s Day Writing Activities

7. Using Pictures to Write a Story

In lower elementary, children often have to use the illustrations of a text to help them better understand, figure out tricky words, or make an inference. This activity builds upon that notion, as it asks them to look at a picture and write a story about it. Students have 18 different pictures to work with this month! Students look at the picture and create a story based on the picture.

8. Labeling Pictures


Writing is a process and some students will require more time to generate and sound out sentences. Provide them with opportunities to practice writing words by labeling these pictures. It also enhances vocabulary skills with our young authors. Students have 9 different sheets to label and work with this month!

9. Interactive Sentence Starters


Sentence starters give students the boost they need to begin writing a well-planned sentence or story. The hands-on element of this writing activity helps to engage some of our less enthusiastic learners. Students have 16 different sentence starters to work with this month!
*Print and cut the sentence starter strips. Mix them up and place them in an envelope. Print copies of the “Sentence Starter Story” paper.
—Don’t have time to prep this?—
No problem! A “less prep” option is also included
Students pick a sentence starter strip and glue it onto their “Sentence Starter Story” paper. They then use that sentence starter to help springboard their writing!

10. Vocabulary Words


Create fun, interactive and student-led writing centers this year!
*Use a hole puncher and binder rings to create portable Word Lists. This is perfect if you offer flexible seating in your classroom!
*Create a writing bulletin board and display the monthly vocabulary cards. Students can refer to this bulletin board during both reading and writing. The bulletin board also serves as a great resource to help them spell unfamiliar words.
—Don’t have space for a bulletin board?—
No problem! A tri-fold presentation board is another great option!
Students refer to the monthly word lists or vocabulary card choices to help them brainstorm a writing topic and story. They can use one or multiple words within their sentences/stories.

11. Brainstorming Lists


I developed Quick Writes because I had a few students who lacked the skills and confidence to write complete sentences or respond to writing prompts. Quick Writes allowed them to still practice writing and phonetic spelling in a less intimidating and scaled-down version. They still got the practice they needed but had the confidence to do so.
Quick Writes can be used during Writing Centers, Early Morning Work, Brainstorming Activities, Guided Reading Start-Ups, Intervention Activities, Writing Accommodations or anything else that you might find helpful!

Valentine’s Day Printables

12. Mend My Heart 

Initial and ending sound review in the form of no-prep worksheets. Students must cut and paste the pieces of the broken heart to complete the CVC word. There are 7 worksheets for beginning sounds and 8 worksheets for ending sounds.




If you think your students would benefit from these Valentine’s Day-themed centers and activities, follow any of the links below to purchase them.




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