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7 FREE CVC Word Activities & Resources

Free CVC Word Activities & Resources

CVC words are one of my favorite phonics skills to teach. Below are 7 amazing cvc word activities and resources that you can grab for FREE!

Each title and picture is linked to the free cvc word resource, so feel free to download them all!


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1. FREE CVC Word List by Michelle of Mrs V’s Chickadees (me!)

When it’s time work on cvc words, you’ll want to have a nice variety of words available. It’s important to have a list of cvc words printed so that you can make sure you are practicing new words with each activity. Without my list, I always find myself using the same 3-5 cvc words (cat, hat, fat,mat). I’ve compiled a list of cvc words that you can download for free here! Just print and use!

2. CVC Board Game by Rachael of Literacy for Littles

Looking for a fun way to practice CVC words? This construction themed board game is an engaging way to let beginning readers practice decoding and blending simple CVC words.


3. Pop the Balloon Guided Reading Game: CVC Words by Alisha of Missing Tooth Grins

Pop The Balloon! is a fun guided reading game where students read the words from the bottom of the card to the top to essentially “pop” the balloon. Students read each word and when they get to the top, they clap their hands and go “pop!”

4. At Word Family Activity by Michelle of Teaching Superkids

At Word Family Word Work Set includes various hands-on activities to engage your students. This set once introduced has many independent activities as well.

5. Lemonade Themed CVC Word Work Center by Ashley of Just Reed

This fun center will help students practice creating and reading CVC words. Lemonade has three ingredients (lemons, sugar, and water) just like a CVC word has three parts–a beginning, middle, and ending sound. Students determine if the words are sweet (REAL) or sour (NONSENSE). You can add Spelly Straws to this center for a fun hands-on twist!


6.  Dinosaur CVC Center by Kim of Live Laugh I Love Kindergarten

Practice reading and matching CVC words with this fun dinosaur themed center! Get some extra CVC writing practice with the Dinosaur CVC worksheet!

7. Phonics Brochures by Aris of Sailing into Second

These short vowel phonics brochures are the perfect way to practice phonics skills. Each phonics reading passage includes an engaging topic and 2 comprehension questions that assess student learning. This is perfect for a close read or text-based evidence practice.
I hope you find these free cvc word resources helpful! I have some other cvc word posts and resources that you might like as well. You can find them by following the links below:

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