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Preventing Summer Slide With This Kindergarten Summer Packet!

Why I Always Send Home A Kindergarten Summer Packet

Did you know that children can lose one to two months of math and reading skills over the summer? That’s wild, right? After all of the hard work the children and teachers put in throughout the school year, we want to avoid that summer slide at all costs! That’s why I created the Kindergarten Summer Packet. Eight weeks of no-prep review materials for reading, writing, phonics, and math! Keep reading to see how this kindergarten packet works and why it’s a fan favorite for teachers and parents. kindergarten-summer-packet  

What’s Included in the Kindergarten Summer Packet?

When I first started thinking about the contents of a valuable kindergarten summer packet, I had to consider a few things: parent involvement, list of skills, and amount of work. Trying to find an even balance for all of these things, I decided to make a no-prep 8-week packet that included one worksheet for math, phonics, reading, and writing per week. This is a reasonable amount of work to ask children to do, parents will not feel overwhelmed, and it will keep skills fresh. The packet includes skills taught throughout the entire year. This is not just an end of the year packet. I felt it was important to include varying levels of difficulty because not all students will end Kindergarten at the same level. I wanted a packet that was made for ALL students. kindergarten-summer-packet

Kindergarten Phonics Work for the Summer

As you can see below, each sheet has a week on it. This will help parents stay on track and reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed by a full packet. Now, of course, a child can do more than one week at a time, or they can stick to the schedule of the summer packet. kindergarten-summer-work The phonics pages include different tasks such as cutting and pasting, circling answers, coloring answers, illustrating responses and more. They will practice:
  • Letter formation
  • Letter identification
  • Letter sounds
  • Initial sounds
  • CVC words
  • Consonants vs vowels
  • Syllables
  • Rhyming
  • Blends
  • CVCE words
  • Word Families

The Packet Also Includes: kindergarten-summer-packet

  kindergarten-summer-work kindergarten-summer-pack kindergarten-summer-worksheets Grab your copy today by clicking here!

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