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Color Activities for Preschool


Color Activities for Preschool

Creating color activities for preschool is so much fun! This past year I left the classroom and began to homeschool my preschool-aged son. Our color unit was by far one of our favorites! I knew I had to share all of the hands-on things we did, but I just couldn’t decide if I wanted it to be for homeschool parents or classroom teachers. So I made it for both! Keep reading to see how you can teach your preschoolers to master colors with this color curriculum for preschoolers.

Color Theme Preschool Activities

A great way to help preschoolers make connections between colors is to share poems with them. These original poems name items that pre-k children will be familiar with, helping them to learn. The colors covered in this unit are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, black, brown, grey, and white. Each color has an original poem.
Take a peek at the yellow poem:

Color Activities for Preschool Circle Time

I’m all about tying in multiple skills whenever I can. These color flashcards provide an opportunity for our preschoolers to build vocabulary and foster background knowledge. These are great to use during circle time or as warm-ups to your lessons. This unit provides ideas for differentiating these flashcards dependent on the level of your learners.
Hands-On Preschool Unit for Teaching Colors including sensory bins, guided activities, poems, and more
Color Vocabulary Flashcards from my Colors of the World Unit

The Best Color Activities for Preschool

If you follow me on Instagram (@mrsvschickadees) then you know I’m always talking about hands-on learning. I believe so much in the power of hands-on activities. This unit is jam-packed with ways to get kids moving, touching, and exploring colors.  If you want to know more about how incorporating hands-on learning helps children retain information better, make sure to check out my other blog post here.

Color Identification Activities Preschool

The first thing we have to do is make sure our preschoolers can identify colors. This isn’t always a quick process as it requires memorization. However, there are hands-on ways to help speed the process up. Some of our favorites include Color Match Puzzles, Splat Mats, and Spaghetti and Meatballs.

Color Match Puzzles

Splat Mats are so much fun. Kids pick a crayon from their sensory bin and place it on the top corner of their Splat Mat board. Using balls of play doh they place them on the objects that match that picture. Using the palm of their hand they say “splat!” as they smush the play doh on the image!

Splat Mats

Spaghetti and Meatballs is another great way to engage preschoolers while practicing color identification. Working with one color splat at a time, they must find the meatballs (with pictures) that have items that match. After their plate is full they can move on to the next color.

color-matching-activities -for-preschool


Color Sorting Preschool Activities

Sorting objects by color is a great way to help students recognize and group colors. I use a pocket chart and begin by placing the color name tags in the chart. Then Nico (my son) picks one card at a time and places it under the correct color name. As an added practice, I have him verbalize the color as he is working to further strengthen the connection.

Hands-On Preschool Unit for Teaching Colors including sensory bins, guided activities, poems, and more
The Pocket Chart Sort Helps With Color Identification & Color Names

Read alouds always help bring a lesson to the next level. Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See by Eric Carle is a fun book that highlights different colors. After reading it, we completed this color sort activity that I transformed into a sensory bin. Nico had to pick the animals from the book, and match their color to the color splat above.


We also used a basket of pom poms and jumbo tweezers to work on sorting and fine motor work. Pom Pom Popsicles is an awesome way to get kids sorting




Feed Me Monsters is another great color activity to get preschoolers excited. Simply cut the mouth of the monster open, and have students feed them the correct colored apples!



Cute Color Activities for Preschool

We also love to do anything that feels “arts and crafts” related, but ties in our current learning unit. This Rainbow Name activity not only comes out great, but it helps children with color identification, name identification, letter knowledge, and fine motor skills. Check out Nico’s before and after pictures.

Hands-On Preschool Unit for Teaching Colors including sensory bins, guided activities, poems, and more
Directions for completing this task are included in the download


Hands-On Preschool Unit for Teaching Colors including sensory bins, guided activities, poems, and more

Color mixing activities are also a ton of fun. The book Mouse Paint led to this quick and simple activity. Students mix around the colors in a ziplock bag and get to see what happens when colors combine.

Hands-On Preschool Unit for Teaching Colors including sensory bins, guided activities, poems, and more


Printable Color Activities for Preschool

As much as I love hands-on learning, I understand the importance of printables. Learning how to use a crayon and pencil are foundational skills for our pre-k students. It is also an excellent tool in the classroom for homework, fast finishers, and extra support. This unit includes daily classroom worksheets, daily homework worksheets AND supplemental worksheets.



Sensory bins are a phenomenal tool for young learners. They engage them while activating their senses, and improving their fine motor skills. This unit includes lots of ways for incorporating sensory bins. You get material lists, ideas, and examples. Here are some that we used!






All of the above also comes with 20 days of lesson plans that lay everything out for you. These scripted lessons have the objectives, materials needed, warm-ups, guided activity, independent activity, hands-on center, connected worksheet, and homework all planned out!
There’s way more than you see here like a parent send home letter, teacher information, assessments, and supplemental activities. There’s a total of 93 pages in this download!
If this is something you want to use, grab your copy here!
And don’t forget to pin either of these images so you can easily come back to this post:
Hands-On Preschool Unit for Teaching Colors including sensory bins, guided activities, poems, and more

Hands-On Preschool Unit for Teaching Colors including sensory bins, guided activities, poems, and more

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