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Numbers Activities For Preschool


Number Activities for Preschool


Are you looking for number activities for preschool? Number activities for preschoolers involves more than just counting to 10. Our pre-k students need to build their number sense, and feel confident with number formation, rote counting, number identification and more! By providing a variety of fun and engaging activities to preschoolers, we can help them develop a solid number sense foundation. Let’s take a deep dive into this critical skill and I’ll show you all of the materials that I use to teach number sense to pre-k students.

The first thing I have my preschoolers master is number identification. I think this is a great opportunity to begin practicing number formation. I do not expect them to master this yet, but through the use of hands-on activities, we can introduce both skills simultaneously.

Number Matching Activities for Preschoolers

Matching numbers is the perfect introductory activity. Preschoolers will start to recognize the shapes that form each number as they match them up. They do not need to know the names of each number to be successful with this type of activity.  Here is Buggy for Numbers, a matching game that allows students to self-check their work. With the use of images behind the numbers, children can easily see if they have matched the correct numbers. It also adds a fun element, as they feel as if they are doing a puzzle, rather than a math task.

Incorporating sensory bins is another way to make number activities for preschoolers fun and engaging. Alien Invasion is a space themed sensory bin that I made using dried black beans play-doh shaped into stars and planets. Inside the bin I have planets with the numbers 1-10 on them. Each preschooler gets a number board and they must match the planets to the correct box on their board. I use velcro dots on both the planets and the boards to stop the pieces from moving and eliminate frustration.


Number Recognition Activities for Preschool

Another great hands-on preschool activity for number identification and formation, are my Trace that Number &Build that Number Cards. I love to use these with my fast finishers or as math warm-up activities. These even make great math centers. Preschoolers can practice tracing the numbers, and learning proper number formation by following the lines on the cards. They can also have fun with other materials like play-doh by building the numbers within the bubble number cards.


Counting Activities for Pre K

While students are working on identifying numbers, they can also practice counting to 10 with different engaging number activities. I love these math games because they incorporate both skills, and have an element of fine motor work.

Pom Pom Count is a great math center that works on number identification, counting objects to 10, and fine motor skills. There is even the option of differentiating for your advanced learners and having them put the number cards in order. Children read each number on the card, and then count out the appropriate amount of pom poms. Dots on each card will help guide them to be successful with this activity. I love using these

For added fine motor work, have children use jumbo tweezers


Blast Off is a sensory bin that encourages students to count the stars on the card and match them up to the number on the board. I simply re-use the materials from the Alien Invasion sensory bin.

Number Sense Activities for Preschool

Show Me is a number activity for preschoolers that requires students to identify numbers 1-10 and then count out that amount of pom poms. This is a great opportunity for us as teachers to check and see where our preschoolers are in the counting process.


Number and Counting Activities for Preschool

Another great number activity for preschool involves five frames. It is important to expose children to a variety of ways to represent numbers. This will help their overall number sense and fluency. Bow Wow Boards is a number activity that uses five frames and asks your preschool student to identify a number, use manipulatives for representing the number, and then trace the number. This one math activity alone covers number identification, counting objects, and number formation.


Here are a few other ten frames number activities for preschool that will help them with number sense.




Number Learning Activities for Preschoolers




After we have practiced all of these number activities, my students have always shown tremendous growth. I’ve compiled all of these activities into one download to make your life easier. The download includes everything you need to successfully implement these activities and more.

Also included in this download:

Don’t stress about writing plans or figuring out how, or in which order to implement all these goodies. I did that hard work for you. All 19 days are thoroughly planned out and scripted for you!
Hands-on learning is something I am super passionate about. It makes learning fun and engages children of all abilities. For that reason, this unit includes a hands-on component for each day.Your necessary supplies, prep and execution are all laid out for you in an easy to read format.
All 19 days of instruction come with a classwork and homework worksheet. There are also additional supplemental worksheets to be used for fast finishers, intervention, sub packs, or however you want!
Daily warm-ups include the use of flashcards to help build fluency with number identification.
It’s important to know how to get a pulse on individual knowledge and whole class success. Pre, mid, and end of unit assessments allow you to track each individual’s knowledge and growth. Quick guides on the bottom of each assessment help you to determine who is ready to move on and who needs intervention.
If you think this is something your students will benefit from, you can grab your copy here!
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