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Fall Academic Sensory Bins: Letter ID, Numbers, Ten Frames & Shapes


Take your centers to a whole new level with these fall themed academic sensory bins! Practice uppercase letter identification, lowercase letter identification, numbers, ten frames and shapes, all while stimulating the senses and having fun!

Activities Included Are:

  • Falling Leaves: Children practice uppercase letter identification and matching with this activity
  • Haunted House: Children practice lowercase letter identification and matching with this activity
  • Pumpkin Patch: Children practice recognizing real life objects as 2D shapes and sorting them appropriately. Shapes include triangles, circles, squares and rectangles
  • Acorn, Acorn: Children practice identifying and matching with numbers 1-10
  • Turkey Ten Frames: Children practice counting objects to 10 through the use of ten frames. They duplicate the ten frame on their own large boards

Sensory bins provide children with an opportunity to stimulate one or more senses at a time. By combining this experience with an academic piece you are helping to engage students and create a wonderful learning experience. Fill your bins with anything and everything! I like to get my tactile items from the dollar store and my own crafting closet. This download includes suggestions for fillers and tools to use.