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Hey guys! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and taking the time to learn a little bit about me! My name is Michelle and I’m a teacher from New York. But there’s so much more to me than just teaching. So here’s a little glimpse into my life and some of the things that I feel make me who I am.

 I have two beautiful babies, Nico and Brielle. It’s cliche I know, but they literally complete me…I feel like I can’t remember life before becoming a mom. My husband I always ask each other “What did we used to do on weekends before kids?” The answer, by the way, is watch A LOT of Netflix.

My husband and I met when I was 20 years old. We’ve spent over a decade making some pretty awesome memories!

He’s been by side for some of my highest highs and lowest lows. Less than a year before our wedding I lost my dad to brain cancer. It was one of my
darkest moments.

Regardless, Radu lifted me up and pushed me to keep moving forward. Without him giving me the love that I needed in that moment, I don’t know how I would have healed. He didn’t even blink when I told him that I didn’t want a limo, but instead that I wanted to show up to our wedding in my Dad’s beloved race car.

 I’m also a Long Island girl through and through. I’ve lived here my whole life, minus a short stint in Queens when I first got engaged. I went to elementary school, high school, undergrad and grad school all on Long Island. I graduated from Adelphi University with my Bachelors Degree in English Literature and Masters Degree in Childhood Education.

I started my teaching career in general education. I begin in 4th grade before transitioning to kindergarten….and boy oh boy was that a transition! But I quickly realized that I absolutely ADORED the little ones and lower elementary was the place for me! I spent the next 6 years in kindergarten and first grade general education. Then an opportunity came my way, thanks to a fabulous prior principal, but it required me to make the leap to special education.  By this point I was pregnant and my Mama Bear hormones were kicking in big time, and I thought ……there is nothing I would rather do than provide love, support and encouragement to learning disabled and struggling students. So here I am now, providing student support services to students in grades k-2. That’s one of my favorite things about teaching. There is  always room to grow and change, and there are always opportunities to switch things up, as I’ve done in the past. I’ve worked on Long Island, the Bronx and I am now in Brooklyn…..and I don’t know where my future teaching career will take me, but I do know that I am going to soak it all up, learn as much as I can from these kids, and do my best to share it all with you!

I don’t often update this page and would love to stay connected with you on a regular basis.

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