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The Osmo Pizza Co App

The Osmo Pizza Co App

Raise your hand if your child is constantly asking for screentime? I feel like I am ALWAYS fighting the iPad battle. So when I find a game that is educational AND engaging, I have to share it with my fellow mamas!



Our new favorite iPad game is from Osmo and it’s called Pizza Co.

If you aren’t familiar with Osmo products let me just say this, they’re awesome! They combine hands-on learning with interactive play and technology. It really makes kids feel like they are doing magic!

This particular game is this generation’s version of playing cashier. Remember when we were younger and we would pretend to ring people up and give them their change back? Well now imagine that only 10x better! Let me walk you through it and share all of the amazing educational aspects to it as well!

What Do You Get With Osmo Pizza Co.?

When you purchase the Osmo Pizza Co. kit you get some pretty awesome goodies! There is a reversable pizza pie/tray, a variety of pizza toppings, and money (bills and coins).


You do need the base and red projector piece to use with the Osmo apps. We already had it because Santa had brought Nico the Little Genius Starter Kit. But don’t worry about that, you can purchase it here.

What Is The Objective of the Game?

The game starts with the manager of a pizza place asking you to take over for him while he goes on vacation. While he is gone you have a handful of responsibilities. You must:

  • Serve customers
  • Collect money
  • Make enough money to pay the rent
  • Get good reviews


To do this, a number of academic skills are addressed. Let’s hop into that now.

What Skills Are Addressed in the Osmo Pizza Co Game?

So the concept of the game is simple, make the pizzas and collect the money. But in order to do that, you have to tap into a multitude of skills.

When a customer comes in they ask for their pizza in a variety of ways. All of them are through the use of pictures, but some more complicated than others. They will either simply show exactly what they like or they will provide clues which you must use to infer what type of pizza to make them.

For example, they might show a happy face next to tomatoes and a sad face next to anchovies. Using this given clue, kids must build a pizza they will like.

While building the pizza, the customer’s facial expressions are changing, and you must be aware of this. Because guess what? If you make a pizza they don’t like, they will leave you a bad review!



After you make the customers pizza you must collect your money because remember, rent is due! You can differentiate this activity to meet your child’s needs. For the younger babes you can make it so that no money is involved, you can make it so that only bills are involved, or have both bills and change.


If you take a long time to provide the change, the math will be done for you. I love this! It gives children an opportunity to do it on their own, but also eliminates frustration and a sense of failure.




After a while, your money and profits are calculated, along with your reviews.


After you pay all of your bills you have the option to spruce up the shop. They can purchase plants, wall decor, even a new oven! My son gets so excited to see what he has earned and can afford after each shift!


When we’re done, all of the pieces store nicely in the organizational pieces provided with your purchase.

We love this game, and my son is often begging to play it. This is the kind of screentime I’m down for!


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